WoodPower BalanceBlocks: the PERFECT wooden balancing blocks solution to support your handstand & arm balance training routine

More GRIP, more LIFT,
more COMFORT, more STRENGTH...

Want to improve your handstand, arm balance, and upper body strength practice?
Enhance your gymnastics training and intensify your calisthenics routine with a pair of WoodPower BalanceBlocks.

What exactly are BalanceBlocks and why should I use them?

WoodPower BalanceBlocks are powerful tools that maximize awareness of hand position and wrist alignment during arm balances. Dynamically engage the entire Arm Line (hands, forearms, upper arms and shoulders) every time you use BalanceBlocks for more POWER, LIFT, & CONTROL!

Key Benefits Include:

  • Increase Grip Strength
  • Reduce / Eliminate Wrist Pain
  • Promote Proper Arm Alignment
  • More Leverage / Stability in Arm Balances

Flat vs. Comfort- Which grip works best for you? 

Practicing with BalanceBlocks adds more wrist lift and grip leverage than a traditional hand position on the floor, allowing you to use your fingers more to increase stability.  Some people prefer more lift for extra comfort and control. FLAT provides a raised level surface while COMFORT offers a rounded angle for even more lift in the wrist.