WoodPower PowerBars: these amazing wooden parallettes provide all the support needed to confidently build strength, increase stability, and expand range of motion while keeping your wrists safe!

What exactly are Parallettes and why should I use them?
Sometimes known as push-up bars or handles, parallettes are two parallel bars built low to the ground that are light enough to carry anywhere and strong enough to support up to 250 kg (550 lbs). Their unique design provides a naturally ergonomic grip for a wide variety of essential exercises that focus in three very important ways:

  • Support wrist alignment to reduce pain / injury
  • Improve movement balance & control
  • Increase push power & overall strength

Parallettes easily adapt to meet the needs of any practitioner no matter their level, providing a solid foundation for a functional, well-rounded workout routine. Lightweight and easily portable, WoodPower PowerBars are the best all-natural organic parallettes on the market that offer a lifetime of healthy movement wherever you go.

Adding extra leverage and more versatility to your workout has never been this easy! Build strength while reducing wrist pressure as you rack up thousands of push-ups, L-sits, floating tucks, planches, dips, jump-throughs, straddle sits and more. 

How do parallettes support people with wrist pain or injury?
Training with a set of PowerBars allows you to focus on proper alignment during your upper body strength and mobility workout by facilitating a neutral wrist position.  This grip allows you to perform whatever exercise you're doing with better bone stacking and muscular engagement while reducing pressure on your joints.

Why are wooden parallettes better than metal or PVC?
Wood is the perfect material for creating true organic strength in your workout routine- Strong enough to support your full bodyweight, light enough to remain portable, and supple enough to provide stable grip without tape or foam. You can workout with comfortable confidence that wood in your hands was harvested sustainably and that we planted a tree in your honor when you bought it!