Wooden Handstand Balancing Blocks
WoodPower® Balance Blocks - Flat Edition
Handstand Blocks with silicon rubber pads

WoodPower® Balance Blocks - Flat Edition

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More Grip, More Lift, More Strength... MORE STABILITY!

ORGANIC POWER IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND. Improve your handstand and arm balancing practice with more comfort and support!

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE. Designed with minimal material for maximum durability and small enough to fit your back pocket. You’ll always feel right at home on your Balance Blocks, no matter where you practice!

NON-SLIP ORGANIC GRIP.  Buffed edges provide maximum comfort during long workouts. Durable silicon pads on each block ensures they will only move when you want them to.

THE PERFECT AMOUNT OF LIFT. Enjoy a raised, flat surface for more leverage and grip while maintaining proper arm alignment. 

OILED FOR YOUR PROTECTION. All WoodPower products have been lightly oiled to preserve an all-natural finish for maximum grip and comfort. 

SUSTAINABLE AF. WoodPower only uses sustainably sourced wood and plants one tree for every product sold.

BUILT TO LAST. The perfect foundation for a lifetime of supported fitness, Balance Blocks can easily withstand even the most intense workouts imaginable. 

100% NATURAL BEECHWOOD. Our wood is the best wood. Sourced sustainably and harvested mindfully, there is no better wood on this planet.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 14 X 9 X 6 cm, 0.75 kg

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      Trust in the Power of Our Wood

      100% European Made

      Local trees, talented labor, fair working conditions.
      No excess, less stress on the environment.

      Ethically Sustainable

      We give back more than we take.
      One tree planted for every product sold!